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Sound Affects Coin
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Sound Affects SAFT Coin is a ERC20 Compliant Trading Coin
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Sound Affects Description

A severe funding gap remains for innovators who are developing promising technologies for fighting cancer.

Most of these technologies will fail before they get a chance to prove their possibility – this is not always because the science is bad – but rather, because they lack the funding to succeed.

This funding breakdown, known as the “Valley of Death,” where great ideas go to die, fully impedes progress in reducing the cancer burden.

Sound Affects wants to change this by leveraging the power and passion of people and music to help raise funds and awareness of promising cancer innovations that would otherwise linger in the Valley of Death.

Our mission is to increase the number of  cancer-fighting technologies in the product development pipeline so that more solutions make it to those in need. 

Cancer is a word that continues, deservedly, to conjure fear in America. While the “war on cancer” was officially declared in 1971 by President Richard Nixon, cancer was already known as a growing burden to society by the early 1900s. Between the years 1901 and 1911, cancer was already increasing at an alarming rate and was identified as the leading cause of death for middle-aged and older men and women in the U.S. By 1913, cancer was killing 75,000 Americans a year, becoming a genuine and deepening problem for the nation. Today, cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death, after heart disease, with an annual death toll of 595,000 Americans. This, despite enormous funding flows to government, universities, and associations combating the disease.

America’s first concerted effort on cancer began in 1937 with the construction of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a center of the National Institutes of Health whose main role has been to coordinate the U.S. National Cancer Program and to conduct and support research.

At the signing of the Act in 1971, the budget for the NCI was $200 million, today it has reached $5.21 billion. While a cancer cure has yet to be discovered, funding for cancer research has resulted in more available treatments and a decline in cancer deaths. In 1971, 30 drugs were approved for cancer, today over 300 cancer drugs exist. Five-year survival rates have increased by 33% since the mid 1970’s, resulting in 12 million cancer survivors today. While there has been progress, in many respects progress has been misleading. We have yet to radically transform cancer incidence and impact on individuals’ lives and costs of cancer to our society. By 2030, cancer will claim the lives of 620,000 Americans.

We are a crowdfunding platform for groundbreaking innovations that promise to revolutionize cancer treatment. We partner with musical artists who help us raise funds and awareness.

Too many potential cures for cancer disappear in a funding bottleneck. Sound Affects is changing this. You can help.

Buy The Sound Affects Coin and help find a Cure for Cancer.

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Sound Affects Info Video:

For more information contact us at:
Mona S. Jhaveri, Ph.D.
Founder & Executive Director 
Sound Affects
mobile: 202-251-2672 

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Asking Price: $ 1.00

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